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Yujia Bian

Yujia Bian is an artist and writer, currently based in various physical and virtual locations in Germany. With training in both landscape architecture and architectural history and theory, Bian's art and writing explore the comprehension of nature and the environment, with a focus on instances where nature eludes human control using metaphors, humour, satire, and mythology. She is interested in how technological and personal experiences constantly alter and agonize our subjectivity, creating identities and spaces around us. Her work explores the feedback loop between what’s made physically and digitally, and how they are each brought into the world of the other.

Yujia Bian holds a MS in Critical, Conceptual, and Curatorial Practices in Architecture from Columbia University GSAPP. She is currently pursuing a fine art degree in Nuremberg, Germany. Bian is a regular contributor for Artforum International since 2019, and has published on places such as Spike Art Magazine, The Museum Review, as well as various Chinese art and media platforms. She has received grants and fellowships from the Design Trust Hong Kong, the Temple Hoyne Buell Center, among others and attended residencies for example at Bauhaus Dessau, the School of Visual Arts in New York.