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Stefan Shankland investigates the mineral heritage, the stratified geological history and the potential cultural value of the stones and rocks present in the Spreepark. He will realise two landscaped sculptures and forty smaller rock-like sculptures produced with 100 tonnes of mineral waste materials reclaimed from the park's demolition sites. The locally extracted rubble will be reintegrated into a reuse cycle and take on new functions in the park as seating areas and landmarks. The term "strata" refers to the geological era we have entered (the Anthropocene), as well as Shankland's archaeological approach to the Spreepark’s material history. Strata also designates the irregular linear patterns produced by the superposition of the different layers of recycled concrete that make up Shankland’s art works.

Throughout the duration of the Spreepark’s transformation an on-site studio (RE.USE.UM) will expose the mineral waste recycling process. Visitors will be able to view the collection of rubble to be transformed into art. Site visits and public tours will be organised with archaeologists, geologists and artists. Members of the public will be invited to take part in the transformation of waste material into sculpture.