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Eierhäuschen is a welcoming spot for locals, visitors, adults, kids, and families to get together, relax and interact. It has served this purpose as an excursion destination since the 19th century. Now, the new Spreepark Art Space has joined the scene, bringing with it a diverse mediation and educational program. It aims to bring together the general public, local community, artists and many other stakeholders to explore and help shape the role of art on this site. By collecting and sharing memories of the site - its stories and history - we offer insights on artistic research and practice - thinking and doing in art. At the same time, we are committed to the visitors' own creative experience of their surroundings.

We cooperate with various partners including Campus Stadt Natur, the environmental education department of Grün Berlin.


Jenny Sréter, Programme and Education


Tel.: 0162 2013906



The Welcome Team

Who is staying in the Eierhäusch tower? Will the Ferris wheel be rebuilt? Where does the name Plänterwald come from? And what is this exhibition all about?

Speak to our colleagues from the welcome team! You can discuss our program in more detail according to your questions, interests and knowledge. The welcome team lends an ear to all visitors and acts as your mouthpiece to us, the Spreepark Art Space. Please feel free to share your memories, thoughts and suggestions with us.

Guided tours

Is the Eierhäuschen as old as it looks? How did the GDR's first and only amusement park end up here? What is happening in the Spreepark now? Which animals share the park with the art?

This place, where the Eierhäuschen and the Spreepark Art Space are located today, is tightly interwoven into the history of Berlin, the war and the city's divide. This bank of the Spree has also repeatedly been the scene of political, economic and cultural events. During our monthly guided tour, we provide an introduction to the history of the site and the Eierhäuschen's architecture. We explore the nature, culture and art of the Spreepark and gain exclusive insights into the current redevelopment of the park ( subject to the ongoing construction site developments).

Admission is free.

The tour will be held in German and English.

Meeting point: Eierhäuschen, entrance to Spreepark Art Space

Registration under: hello(at)


Where rabbits and hedgehogs bid each other goodnight and other people celebrate. Where some find peace and quiet and others crank it up. Where some splash around and others stroll - the Plänterwald experience has always been so varied and sometimes even contradictory for its immediate neighbors. We want to know everything! And understand it, along with you. We want to integrate the past, everyday life and recent research into Spreepark Art Space and its program. For example, visit our social storytelling café, take part in our neighborhood exhibition previews or get in touch with our welcome team!

Admission is free.

Events are held in German unless otherwise stated.

All entrances are barrier-free unless otherwise stated.

Meeting point: Eierhäuschen, entrance to Spreepark Art Space

Questions, suggestions and registrations can be sent to hello(at)


Walking rather than sitting still, eavesdropping rather than listening, smelling rather than computing, taking a deep breath rather than persevering - education and movement at Spreepark offer a varied program. Spreepark Art Space meets the needs of teachers and students by offering a range of short excursions, day trips, project weeks and long-term collaborations with the Sophie-Brahe-Gemeinschaftsschule in Plänterwald. Students experience nature and art in equal measure, get to know employees and their various professions as well as artists, stiff-bristled algae, contemporary and historical building and construction materials and techniques. There's plenty of fun, fresh air and life.