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Centred around themes of art, culture, and nature, the so called “Spreepark” – the prominent amusement park of the GDR - transforms into a redefined public space for the city of Berlin. The site serves for the Spreepark Art Space as both a reference point and a real-time laboratory. Showcasing art embedded in the context of urban landscape, nature, architecture and public space, Spreepark Art Space functions as an interdisciplinary platform for the production of art intertwined in planning, research, and art education. The projects and exhibitions that emerge here engage fundamentally with the site itself, its unique history and conceivable future. Former amusement park attractions are gradually being revitalized through art. More artworks are being added - some permanently located in the park, others consisting of temporary interventions. They all deal with the park, with its nature and history.

The Spreepark - abandoned for many years as a natural, inanimate backdrop - emerges as a lively place of interaction and discovery. Amidst an urban landscape worthy of preservation, located directly on the banks of the Spree River, Spreepark Art Space unites an array of possibilities when it comes to experiencing art and - quite literally - opens up new paths of exploration. Temporary interventions, permanent works, educational programmes, architectural impulses and nature itself invite visitors to create new experiences within the urban space.