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Founded in 1999 in Münster, modulorbeat works at the intersection of art, architecture, city and landscape. The team's core is formed by Jan Kampshoff and Marc Günnewig, both of whom have a background in architecture and collaborate on a regular basis with designers, journalists, photographers, and artists. The network regroups according to the task, location and subject. In their work, they emphasize the development of transformational spaces, the revisiting of materials and places, repurposing them in new contexts, and thus a redefinition of sorts of seemingly well-defined structures. Liquid tanks are assembled into light sculptures and shaft pipes form recreational areas, invariably charging materials with a new meaning.

Their work has been awarded numerous prizes from the fields of architecture, art and design, such as the Förderpreis des Landes NRW für Junge Künstlerinnen und Künstler (Grant of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia to young artists) or the Bauwelt Prize.


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