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Stefan Shankland with raumlaborberlin, RE.USE.UM

Installation, 2022/23

How do we manage to use fewer new resources, preserve the value of existing materials and create cycles - material as well as social? These questions are discussed and practically tested at RE.USE.UM, an open-air studio in Spreepark. The RE.USE.UM is a production site and space for discourse and community at the same time.

For the future Spreepark, Stefan Shankland will realize with STRATAPARK two landscape sculptures and forty smaller artificial erratic blocks, which consist of mineral waste materials, won from demolition material of the park. As seating and orientation points, the waste materials are given new functions and in this way flow back into a recycling cycle. In addition to the recycling aspect, the focus is on the transformation of the material: a process in which nothing is lost, but rather each element can be charged with new meaning in a different form or put to new use. This process is central to Shankland's work and serves as a starting point for participation and educational formats on topics such as the history of the site, its geological features, or the recycling possibilities of minerals. The installation of the RE.USE.UM was also carried out with sustainability in mind. For example, an industrial heavy-duty rack was recycled and turned into a display of demolition material and an open-air studio.

The RE.USE.UM as installation is a cooperation between Stefan Shankland and raumlaborberlin. Since 2023, visitors can observe and participate in the process of (re)use of mineral waste and the transformation of the material into art on site. Together with archaeologists, geologists and artists, workshops, artistic interventions and discourse formats will be offered, with which Shankland and raumlaborberlin invite visitors to participate in the creation of STRATAPARK and to engage with the associated questions.

Further workshops will take place again from spring 2024.