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Porträtfoto von Spreepark Artspace Künstler Iván Argote
© Claire Dorn

Iván Argote

Iván Argote was born in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1983. He now lives and works in Paris as an artist and film director. Through his sculptures, installations and films, he examines our most intimate relationships with people, institutions, power, and ideologies. In doing so, he creates both delicate and humorous approaches to defying prevailing historical narratives. Public space often plays a central role in his work.

His work has been exhibited internationally, often in public spaces. In 2019, he completed A point of view as part of Desert X in the California desert. He also created Bridges: We are melting in public space for the sculpture park at the Frieze art fair in London's Regiment's Park in 2019.


Permanent Work

Bridges Spreepark