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Sustainability Guide

Sustainability Guide

Our Sustainability Guide is dedicated to the following topics:



Climate-friendly & informed mobility
  • Climate-friendly travel
  • Just ask! We are happy to advise you if you want to find out more about traveling sustainably to the Spreepark.


Working and thinking in a cycle & exploring new materials and techniques
  • Collaborations for the sustainable use of materials
  • Connecting and thinking ahead
  • Real laboratory for materials – new materials & techniques
  • Avoiding pollutants


Project-specific communication, environmentally-friendly communication, gathering knowledge
  • Reduce use of paper
  • Exchanging best practices
  • Feedback: Following from our projects, we aim to gather information on sustainability and consumption, and provide feedback to the artists partners.


Acting sustainably
  • Day-to-day sustainability & operations

Everyone can contribute to a sustainable Spreepark Art Space. We carry collective responsibility together.

Sustainability Guide