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Since spring 2024, Spreepark Art Space has been offering a residency programme for international artist groups. Interdisciplinary collectives and project-based artist groups of for people, not yet living and working in Berlin, are invited to apply for a three-month residency at the Eierhäuschen, a newly renovated historic venue. An inspiring space for artistic reflection and action in which sustainable hospitality and a sense of community are key.

The Eierhäuschen is situated in the midst of a preserved landscape, directly adjacent to the former amusement park Spreepark. With the extensive redesign of the Spreepark into a new public park, visitors are invited to reflect and experiment.

Spreepark Art Space provides artists with the space to explore the link between art and the surrounding landscape. The unique backdrop of the former Spreepark amusement park takes centre stage, providing artists with the opportunity to engage with this place of change and transformation. In addition to a wide range of interactive events and educational opportunities, we enable residents to experience and explore the connection between people and nature, art and the environment, landscape and architecture.

Residents are selected once a year via an open call by an international curatorial board.

Residency groups 2024

For the current year, the curatorial board has nominated three ensembles to open the residency programme in spring, summer and autumn.

OPEN CALL International Residencies 2025

Application until 26 July 2024

Open Call - pdf


  • Spreepark Art Space offers four fixed residency periods in 2025, during which a stay of around 3 months is available free of charge.
  • The residency at Spreepark Art Space fosters a shared creative environment and an open exchange of ideas by accommodating artist groups and collectives of four people.
  • Four multi-purpose rooms offer individual freedom for living and working ranging in size from 35 to 50 square metres. One of the units is barrier-free.
  • A spacious, accessible communal kitchen of around 100 square metres encourages social interaction between residents so they can prepare meals in a home-like environment.
  • Residents have the opportunity to use the Spreepark Art Space team's accessible workspace spanning around 150 square metres.
  • Up to four participants receive a lump sum of EUR 3,600 net for the entire residency period to cover living costs on site.

  • Extensive support with travel, visa and residency arrangements.
  • Comprehensive preparatory consultations to determine curatorial support.
  • Dedicated support and advice from the Spreepark Art Space team.
  • Invitations to the wide range of activities offered by Spreepark Art Space.
  • Targeted networking with the vibrant Berlin art and culture scene with the respective thematic emphasis.

  • The final selection of residents is made by an international curatorial board that meets once a year after the call is closed.
  • The selection for 2024 has been completed. The next selection session to select the residents for 2025 will take place in autumn 2024.

Residency groups are selected by our curatorial board, which adheres to five content-related guidelines for project proposals and five qualities that distinguish the group's profile.


Originality: We seek projects with new and unique ideas that have not existed in this form or combination before. An innovative approach can inspire further developments.

Interdisciplinarity: Projects should integrate different disciplines, including those beyond art. For example, where art intersects with ecology, planning with philosophy, or literature with architecture.

Site-specificity: Projects should creatively utilize the unique characteristics and rules of the Spreepark. Embracing the site's specificities is crucial.

Engagement: We welcome projects that demonstrate active and intensive engagement with the Spreepark. Pre-planned concepts should be adaptable to the realities of the site.

Contemporaneity: Projects should address current themes and challenges, engaging with contemporary knowledge and context.

Prior knowledge: It is desirable for the group to bring practical and theoretical expertise in urban planning and artistic research to effectively work within the three-month residency period.


Diversity: We value diversity as a source of innovation and enrichment. Diverse perspectives and experiences open new possibilities and foster the development of art and knowledge. We seek groups that actively embrace and value diversity.

Sustainability: The long-term preservation of our natural and social environment is essential. We commit to promoting projects that uphold principles of sustainability.

Significance: The importance of something varies depending on its context. We seek projects capable of making relevant contributions within their specific environments.

Application quality: A clear and concise presentation of your project is crucial. Well-structured information enables us to fully grasp your ideas and objectives.

Feasibility: Each project proposal must be realistically achievable, adapted to the local conditions and available resources.

Group constellation: Each residency group should consist of four individuals who are present and actively engaged in collaboration throughout the entire three-month residency period. Team compatibility and demonstrated commitment to collaboration are essential criteria.

Video Consultations

Did we catch your attention? Talk to us! We offer three video consultations about the residency programme and application process.

Register here:

5th of July, 10:00 - 11:30

15th of July, 15:00 - 16:30

24th of July, 10:00 - 11:30

Credits: Frank Sperling
Credits: Frank Sperling
Credits: Frank Sperling
Credits: Frank Sperling
Credits: Frank Sperling
Credits: Frank Sperling
Credits: Frank Sperling
Credits: Manuel Frauendorf


Temitayo Oni, Programme and Residencies

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