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Sabine Schoo, Spreepark – Colour Confession

Installation of flags

"To reoccupy a space clearly requires a visual cue: flying a flag to show one's colours. But like a little flag in the wind, it also means: being exposed to the weather and uncertainties of history, as was the case with the used, repeatedly redesigned and overgrown Spreepark. Today, it has been flagged with inverted colour photos of its ruderal plants, which took over the amusement park after the rides were shut down." (Sabine Scho)

Together with Matthias Holtmann, the photographer and writer Sabine Scho spent several months observing the ongoing changes within the Spreepark and transferred the complex of human, animal and plant relationships into an artistic format.

She developed a ruderal flag installation in carnival colours for the launch of modulorbeat's Blue Hour, accompanied by the lecture performance "Flags, flora, fauna and fairground rides - ruderal flags and carnival colours", which explores the fun nature of the Spreepark colours, its flora and fauna, as well as the abandoned rides in poems and short texts. This installation of flags was on display for the entire 2022 season on the "Spreeblitz" roller coaster. In 2023, the installation moves on to the tea cup ride in adapted form, where it was be on display throughout the entire May. Sabine Scho presented the text, which was written especially for the new location, in a staged reading as part of the "Art and About" event.

Texte: Sabine Scho, Photos: Matthias Holtmann/Sabine Scho


Farbfolge Spreepark

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