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Constructlab (Alex Römer, Peter Zuiderwijk), Spree Space Act 01

Installation, 2023

In the future, the workshop hall will form the new main entrance to the Spreepark. Originally, it was used for the repair of the rides and was a place where - hidden behind the scenes - the maintenance of the amusement machinery in the park was taken care of. In recent years, the hall has been reactivated for workshops where artists created and negotiated visions for the future of the park.

Currently, during the renovation of the Spreepark, the ride objects of the Spreepark are stored in it: the wagons of the white-water ride, bumper cars, papier-mâché dinosaurs and the Chapeau Claque vehicles.

To ensure that these objects continue to inspire memories of the Spreepark, the Spree Space Act 01 installation by Constructlab offers since September, 2023 small peepholes to provide glimpses into the hall and of the rides hidden within.

For the gable wall of the building, Peter Zuiderwijk / Constructlab has designed two large-format graphics that interweave the relics of the amusement park with the flora and fauna that overgrow them. A wide variety of species that live in Spreepark today visually combine with the old rides to form a surreal entity.

Thus, the installation transforms the new space between the park, the Eierhäuschen, the Zum Anleger restaurant and the Spree River and transfers the interior of the Spreepark and the workshop hall to the public space outside.

This installation forms the first act for a series of interventions by the collective Constructlab and at the same time the prelude of the research and exhibition project Past Pleasure - Vergangenes Vergnügen.

Curated by Christian Hiller and Katja Aßmann.