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Guided Tour around the Eierhäuschen with Helena Ommert in English

2 to 3:15 p.m. In English.

Is the Eierhäuschen as historic as it looks? Why was the GDR's first and only amusement park located here? What is happening in the Spreepark now? Which animals share the park with which art?

The place where the Eierhäuschen and the Spreepark Art Space are located today is closely interwoven with the history of Berlin, war and the division of the city. This bank of the Spree has also repeatedly been the scene of political, economic and cultural events. Our monthly guided tour provides an introductory overview of the history of the site and the architecture of the Eierhäusch. We explore the nature, culture and art around the Eierhäuschen and Spreepark.

Please note: Unfortunately, access to the Spreepark is currently not possible due to construction work. However, the tour provides information about the current redevelopment of the park and gives exclusive insights depending on the construction site situation.

Registration at: hello(at)

Location: Spreepark Art Space, Dance Hall

Sunday, 14.04.2024
Time Begin: 14:00
Time End: 15:15
free entry